Life-Affirming Acts: Education as Transformation in the Writing Classroom

“Hector Julio Vila, a Freireian in action, looks at composition pedagogy as a potential for social transformation in the deeply entrenched values of white middle class America. Julio, an Argentine immigrant, weaves his autoethno-graphic recalls (in the true tradition of Victor Villanueva and Keith Gilyard), teaching experiences, the powerful case studies of his students, both from BMCC (Borough Manhattan Community College) and Paterson, into a very powerful argument for teaching as a social action. The narratives stand out as probing, intensely lyrical, profound, and compassionate. It’s a very optimistic account, no doubt…” 

Suhail Islam

Nazareth College 

LifeAffirming Acts (Read More of the review)

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    • Hi, I forget … I knew once – but it doesn’t really matter, no? I should actually take it down. There are better. And look- I changed it and attached an original review!

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