The Uncanny is Migrating to Medium

The New Uncanny

The New Uncanny

The Uncanny is moving over.  This move will make it easier for anyone to contribute ideas, art, short clips.

Invitation: Write for The Uncanny

Are you interested in trying to get deeper into ideas, into how things work — or don’t? Are you interested in trying to find meaning where there doesn’t seem to be any?

And are you interested in trying to explore ideas beyond what we hear, what we see, what we’re told is the new normal?

This is an open invitation to writers interested at looking deeper at strange current events, different ideas, and trying to lay the path for fresh trends in media, politics, education, sports and entertainment, the environment — new ideas for us.

I am interested in challenging orthodox ideas. I am interested in finding a way through what seems to be an impenetrable and weighty status quo.

The original Uncanny is a WordPress site of 215 stories, if you care to learn how and when all this began.

Now migrated to Medium, The Uncanny is an invitation to collaborate, contribute and critique any and all ideas pertaining to the dramatic reality we seem to be living.

What will the other end of this transition look like? What do you want it to look like? What should we consider? What good ideas about navigating through this period are out there?

The new Uncanny contains most of the old stories. Some of my own work can be found in The Policy as well.

I will consider a broad range of stories and ideas, images, very short clips, art, inclusive of cartoons.

I can be reached here: hector j vila I really look forward to hearing from you.

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