Why We Deserve Donald Trump/Drumpf as President

Donald Trump/Drumpf & Benito Mussolini

The United States has been flirting, if not downright chasing after, fascism for quite some time. Donald Trump/Drumpf is the final manifestation of this inclination towards despotism. Historically, our entire system has been moving in this direction.

Here, I’ll show you…

There have already been some intelligent articles written about the fascistic leanings of Donald Trump/Drumpf, which I will briefly point to and summarize but by way of showing the part of the argument that’s missing: namely that US flirtations with fascism are directly related to a merciless socio-economic system that stratifies, marginalizes, and silences many, to the point of creating large swathes of invisible, voiceless people; out of such mayhem and loss, a fascist will rise and in a language the imperceptible can understand, the language of violent change through overthrow.

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5 thoughts on “Why We Deserve Donald Trump/Drumpf as President

  1. Thank for this piece! One question, you wrote, “Argentina (who was using the airline KLM to smuggle Nazis, with Sweden’s support),” how was Sweden involved? Did you mean the Netherlands/Holland as KLM is a Dutch airline?

    • Hi Betty, so great to hear from you, even in this medium. At the time, circa 1947, arrangments were made with the very strong faction of Nazi’s in Sweden, who were also laundering money for the Nazis in Germany, to route KLM flights through there, from there to Buenos Aires. This later changes into a “gentlemen’s agreement” with Daimler-Benz, of which a William A. Mosetti, a former high-ranking intelligence officer with the OSS, upon retiring and residing, then, in Germany, is appointed by Benz head of the company in Argentina to “save it.” Thus the movement of important people, scientists, technicians, mechanics and war criminals ensues…

    • Wow Hector! Thanks for the additional info. This catalog of layers of corruption and deception are unnerving and frustratingly unending. [I think my last email to you (a while ago) may have been lost in SPAM, I’ll look for it and will resend.] Again, thanks for this piece and all your posts!!!

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