The Uncanny DNC in Charlotte — A Quick Note of Consternation

So, being the politico junky that I am, I pre-gamed the DNC.  Now, while the RNC was ALL WHITE, Monday night, watching the PBS coverage of the DNC, I turned to my wife, Nina, and said, “Is it me or what am I seeing here?  Every other person is either African American, Hispanic, Asian, some other.”

I looked again, with an “huh,” and said, “It’s as if two conventions are imaging  — or is it imagining? — drastically different worlds. One wants super whites to reign supreme, while the other has that BIG TENT we’re always hearing about.  Only in this DNC tent, there really are a lot of different people.”

America, once an idea born from enlightenment thinking, that is suppose to be tolerant and inclusive, open and honest, hard working and kind, understanding.

Who reps that?

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